Our Wellness Network

  • Healthcapita Wellness Network provides members to select discounts & offers from our wellness partners.
  • Members can receive in-network benefits and discounts through any of our network provider.
  • These discounts are attched to our Health Card with proven value to our members.
  • This network supports a collaborative approach between members and partners
  • We aim to generate partnerships to help deliver new models of care and save money.

Wellness Partner Onboarding Process

for Hospitals & Clinics Diagnostic Centers & Labs Pharmacies Doctors & Specialists GYMS Health Spas Optics Wellness Centers Ayurvedic Therapy Centers

Become our Wellness Partner!

By partnering with us,
Providers can get several benefits.
  • Increase client base & footfall
  • Digital Medical Records
  • Review Past Medical History
  • Generate Extra Income
  • Doctors can share & discuss reports with Members
  • More Patients Referral via our “Teleconsultation”
  • Monitor & Cancel appointments
  • Track fraudulent cases & Medico-legal

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Wellness Partners

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