Empowering Insurers to Retain Clients, Reduce Claim Cost & Stabilize Insurance Premiums

Our Well-being Programs are personalized solution,
specially designed to control escalating Insurance Premiums
from getting unmanageable

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That’s why value adding our Digital Health Services make Good Business Sense!

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Our Well-being Programs

to Lower Maintain Stabilize Health Insurance Premium

Partnering with Healthcapita

Insurers & Brokers work with Healthcapita to leverage their expertise.

As your health & well-being partner , healthcapita can develop tailor-made programs that are great value add to your existing services

This allows Insurers to deliver exceptional Chronic Condition Management and Well-being Programs to their clients.

Our aim is to provide efficient and sustainable solutions for Client Retention , Reduction of Claim Cost and Stabilize Insurance Premiums.

To achieve this, we customize solutions that combine quality assessment with real-time evidence-based health outcomes.

We also proactively identify and address physical, psychosocial and environmental barriers at every stage throughout a case.

Fundamental to our approach is open communication with all stakeholders; close, positive working relationships and a whole-of-business focus that benefits the workforce and the business.

Positive Business Outcomes for Insurers & Brokers

Control & Stablize

Year on Year Rise on Insurance Premiums

Accurate Underwriting

Based on evident data from our Health Index Report

Lower Claim Cost

Offer actionable insights into health risks

Client Retention

Empower clients to deliver positive results

Client Aquisition

Gain new Clients by having edge over competitors

Engage Members

Through our personalised well-being solutions

Business Growth

With outlook to cross-sell and up-sell services


Fraudulent cases & medico-legal cases using our Digital Analytics

Customized Services

Highly customizable & Client-centric Well-being Solutions

Benefits for Insurers & Brokers

Digital Health Platform – Dashboard & Mobile APP

Our Digital platform ensures personalized well-being solution

Add unmatched value to deliver client success

Increase member engagement on their wellness journey

24/7 Connected Care on healthcapita APP

Save Money
Save Time

Our Services

Integrated Digital Platform for Employee Health & Well-being

Prevent Underlying Chronic Conditions & Ensure Healthy Lifestyle among Employees

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