Increase Member Engagement with Wearable Technology

Our Wearable Device Integration

  • healthcapita aims to encourage member engagement and collaborative care with our Digital Health Platform
  • healthcapita has partnered with world’s best Health & Fitness providers
  • These Devices are integrated on healthcapita’s digital health platform

Track Activity

Members can use Single devices such as smartwatches to monitor a large range of personal medical data including

Heart Rate

Physical Activity

Sleep Patterns

  • Presently this devices are Activity Trackers, Scales, BP Monitors, Heart Rate, Oximeters, Glucometers, Thermometers and many more to be added.
  • Our members are embracing wearable technology to track personalized data, such as steps and heart rate

Sync Fitness Devices with healthcapita APP

Impact on Health

Collections of personally relevant data available through wearables adds to self-knowledge and potentially has an impact on a member’s health.

Ease of Tracking

This is, in large part, due to the ease of tracking data using smartphones and wearables such as smartwatches and Fitbits.

Customized Health Recommendations

Our Wearable technology Integration automates data collection and often uses algorithms to analyze the data and presents our members with recommendations based on the data.

Embrace New Technology

Wearables are embraced by members because they are an automated way to journal and do not depend on the member taking the time to assess and document; instead, they constantly track as long as the user is wearing or carrying the device.

Get Healthy Everyday

  • Usually, an individual spends more than eight hours a day sitting at workstation
  • This modern sedentary lifestyle is taking toll on health
  • Tackle everyday challenges of sedentary lifestyle and track your health
  • Take next step towards an active lifestyle!

Track your Health on the Go

Smart Wearable Devices and Wearable Technology are “seamlessly embedded portable technology on the go”

Comfortable and easy to keep and use

Portable while operational

Hands-free use

Sensors for physical environment

  • In our APP, the personal numeric data is collected from the wearables to activities such as eating, sleeping, and exercising and use it to potentially change members habits.
  • By measuring these factors, members can improve aspects of their life.

Monitor your Activity 24/7

  • Wearables range from simple step-counters to smart fabrics.
  • Fitness trackers are the simplest wearables and track a large variety of personal data, including steps, heart rate, energy expenditure, sleep patterns and more
  • Many of these devices are still used mostly for research and development but are expanding rapidly as the technology continues to improve.
  • Smartwatches have more recently exploded on the market, expanding the applications of wearables.
  • They are unobtrusive and fit most lifestyles and do much more than basic tracking when paired with healthcapita Mobile APP.
  • Integrating your wearables with healthcapita Mobile APP can reduce use of doctors, cut costs, speed up the practice of care, and give more power to our Members
  • This feature is focused on managing and tracking chronic elderly populations or the aging process.

Advantages of Wearable Technology

More Benefits

Wearables bring a new set of advantages to our Members

Stay Active

Members can be more active in their care and can better understand how their behaviors, such as exercise, eating and sleeping, can affect their health in real time.

Easy Access

Health care is more accessible to members in remote areas or while homebound.

Remote Consultation

Members do not have to travel to centers to meet with experts but instead can transmit their data or have virtual Doctor Consultation.

Track Health

Wearables can provide data such as steps, sleep patterns, and electrocardiograms, along with automatic analytics.

Personal Medical Records

Digitally store and manage medical records. Upload & view images & documents (lab results, X-rays, etc.)

Sync your Wearable Tech

  • Our members are embracing wearable technology to track personalized data, such as steps and heart rate
  • We have integrated various self-tracking tools and applications, including emotion trackers, food trackers, and pedometers on our APP
  • This provides an effective opportunity for members to understand their bodies, minds, and daily lives.
  • This also acts as a series of quantifications that can be examined and acted upon

Our Wearable Device Integration

  • These data can help to more quickly diagnose issues and intervene sooner to prevent Chronic Conditions.
  • Wearables give more insight to day-to-day activities.
  • In addition, wearables gather information automatically therefore helping to overcome limited memories and capacity for accuracy.
  • This can help healthcare providers have a more comprehensive view of the member.
  • A number of studies support the potential health care value of the measured data from wearables.
  • The use of pedometers has been associated with increases in physical activity and decreases in blood pressure and body mass index

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