Our Health card might even save a life in case of medical emergency

Save More, Get More with Healthcapita Health Card – Avail 5% – 40% Dicsounts at our Wellness Partners

Our Health Card Details

  • healthcapita’s Health Card – Quick & easy access to medical vital information in case of medical emergency. Saves a Life in Emergency.
  • Our Health Card is a life saver in medical emergency, by providing vital information like – Blood Group, Allergies, Family Contact Details, Family Physician Details, Insurance Details, along with TPA Contacts for cashless claims.
  • It has all necessary medical information which is highly required at the time of emergency.
  • This information will save the life of an individual by eliminating unnecessary delays.
  • Doctor can attend the person in emergency without wasting even a minute, since the information like Blood Group & Allergies is readily available
  • Our Health card serves dual purpose – 1. Saves life in emergency 2.Offering discounts to members
  • Our Health Card has discounts from our Wellness Partners – hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, optical centers, lifestyle & wellness centers, spas etc.

Calculate your Potential Business Savings

Calculate your Potential Business Savings


Registered Members can Login to www.healthcapita.com


Click on 'Start' in Health Risk Assessment Section


Complete the HRA tool by answering series of questions.


After filling in all details, member will be requested to click on ‘Finish’.


Once submitted, the details cannot be changed / modified.

Advantage of Healthcapita Health Card

  • Our Health card allows members to save on medical, vision care and many other products & services offered by our Wellness Partners.
  • Members simply present our Health card to the wellness provider.
  • This provides savings at point of sale on the total cost of products and services from our Wellness Partners.
  • And we’re continually adding new providers to our Wellness Network!

Health Card Features

Saves a life incase of emergencies

Year on Year Rise on Insurance Premiums

Identity Card with Discounts, which is accepted across our Wellness Network

Based on evident data from our Health Index Report

Ease to use & portable

Offer actionable insights into health risks

Digital card is available on our APP – Members can access 24 x 7

Empower clients to deliver positive results

Highly secured – 3 Levels of Securitiy to access data

Gain new Clients by having edge over competitors

Engages Members in the health and well-being management eco-system

Through our personalised well-being solutions

Health Card Benefits

Insurers & Brokers work with Healthcapita to leverage their expertise.

• Health Card Stores - Blood Group, Allergies, Family & Physician Contacts along with Insurance Details, which acts like life saving in case of emergencies

Get 5% to 40% discount across our Wellness Network

Quick Access to the Users Vital Information, in case of emergency

Access to Medical Data, anytime and anywhere, which results on accurate diagnosis

Identification of Members at Wellness Providers, which reduces the risk of errors & Fraud

Easy to underwrite a Corporate based on evident data

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