Employee Well-being Program for Corporate’s Health & Economic Benefits

Why Investing in Employee Health & Well-being is Good for your Business?

Organizations Invest in our Employee Well-being Programs as it
Generates Great ROI in the form of:

  • Cost Savings
  • Increased Productivity

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That’s why our Employee Well-being Programs make Good Business Sense!

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Our Employee Well-being Strategy is centered around

Prevention Early Detection Employee Engagement Long-Term Support

Cost of an Unhealthy Workforce

Higher Claims Productivity Losses More Sick Days Increased Premiums

Underlying Chronic Conditions highly prevalent among employees mainly due to

Unhealthy Diet Physical Inactivity Stress Smoking Alcohol Consumption

Occupational Hazards can lead to Chronic Conditions

Ergonomics Psychological Physical

Direct Costs and Indirect costs of Unhealthy Employees

Healthcare Cost Claim Cost Medical Bills Increased Premium

Our Services

Integrated Digital Platform for Employee Health & Well-being

Prevent Underlying Chronic Conditions & Ensure Healthy Lifestyle among Employees

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Personalized Employee Well-being Program

Corporate Health Index

Chronic Condition Management

Digital Medical Records

Employee Health Risk Assessment

Health Card

Achieve meaningful outcome with our well-being program