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  • Medical Second Opinion is a digital health service available on our APP, where our members can seek second opinion from expert panel of network doctors from USA, India, Malaysia & GCC.
  • Members who have been diagnosed with certain illnesses can have their diagnoses and perhaps even more importantly, their treatment plans evaluated by our network doctors from USA, India, Malaysia & GCC.
  • Our digital platform brings medical experts from various specialty to address members’ health concerns to help make an informed decision.

Access Our Second Opinion

When your doctor says you have a health problem, you can access second opinion to

To consult with our network doctors for their evaluation

To receive comprehensive information and advice

Know and understand your treatment choices

To enquire about different treatment option to help make critical decisions about their health

Have another doctor look at those choices with you

To look at every available option for treatment plan

Participate in treatment decisions by making your wishes known

  • Giving our Members access to an independent review through International Second Medical Opinion from USA, India, Malaysia & GCC is the right thing to do and a critical first step.
  • And since time is of the essence, Second Opinions are typically provided within ten business days.

Get Medical Second Opinion

Easy access to our Network Doctors
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Secure & Confidential
To Get International Second Medical Opinion from USA, India, Malaysia & GCC

Step by Step Guide for Second Opinion

Get Medical Second Opinion


Fill Online Request form


Submit Medical Documents


Schedule Appointment


Consult with our Network doctors

  • Our medical experts review your Health queries and Medical Test Reports diligently..
  • At every step of the way, with your consent,our medical expert ensures that the Diagnosis is correct and that the Treatment plan is right for you.
  • We thus confirm your Diagnosis and Treatment options.

Why get a second opinion?

Reasons for getting a second opinion may include

If you are not sure about the diagnosis

If you’re going through the treatment since from long time but still facing same health issue

If current treatment is not improving your health condition

You want to be sure you have explored all healthcare options

If you think the treatment is costly and unnecessary

Your doctor is not sure what is wrong with you

Before you undergo a major surgery

You think another treatment might be available

Your doctor is not a specialist

You’re having trouble understanding and communicating with your doctor, or you want your options explained by someone else

Your doctor gives different treatment options

You just want peace of mind that you have the correct diagnosis and that you are making the right treatment choice

Benefits of Second Opinion

  • We believe that this tool enables you to make informed choices in making complex medical decisions regarding your health conditions.
  • A second opinion gives you a fresh view and new information which may provide you with new options for treating your condition.
  • Our seamless platform connects you and doctor to avail second opinion remotely.
  • Our digital feature supports you in finding a right doctor who can look at your test results, talk with you about your personal situation, and maybe give you a different take on it.
  • Getting a second opinion can help you feel more sure about your diagnosis and treatment plan.

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