Connect with our network doctors through our APP for digitally enabled remote consultations

Our Teleconsultation

  • With the evolving Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on access to healthcare, there is no better time to support our members to navigate and enhance their accessibility with our network doctors.
  • Need for shift from traditional in-person doctor patient interaction to digitally enabled remote consultations has become imperative.
  • healthcapita’s teleconsultation is a digital health solution that connects members with our Network Doctors through our APP using real-time audio and video technology.
  • Our teleconsultation can be used as an alternative to traditional in-person doctor visit, and can be used to deliver diagnosis, consultation, treatment, awareness, care management and self-management of our members.
  • Through teleconsultation, we facilitate our members to avoid unnecessary visits to health care settings, thereby reducing exposure to the COVID virus and staying safe.

Healthcapita Teleconsultation

Consult Specialists online

Specialist Doctors for exclusive Online consultations

In-Clinic Visit

Appointment scheduler for in-clinic consultation

Verified Doctors

Listed Dcctors with valid medical certifications license

Secure & Confidential

24/7 Access to your medical records in Personal Health Records

Calculate your Potential Business Savings

Calculate your Potential Business Savings


Select Speciality


Book Appoinment


Consult with Verified Doctor


Get Digital Prescription


Follow Up if required

Through our Teleconsultation we ensure connected care by

Our primary goal is to provide healthcare services to our members remotely.

Prioritizing urgent care

Specialist Doctors for exclusive Online consultations

Follow up appointments

Appointment scheduler for in-clinic consultation

Maintaining continuity of care, especially for chronic disease management and behavioral health patients, who may require routine check-ins

Listed Dcctors with valid medical certifications license

Secure & Confidential

24/7 Access to your medical records in Personal Health Records

Benefits of Our Teleconsultation APP

Our teleconsultation enables new methods and modalities to improve health care, enable lifestyle change, and create efficiencies to achieve meaningful outcomes

To increase continuity of care

Extend access beyond normal clinic hours

Reduce member travel burden

Help overcome clinician shortages especially in rural and other underserved populations

More focus on chronic disease management

Enhance member well-being & improve efficiency

Provide higher quality of care

Increase patient satisfaction

To reduce the spread of infectious disease

Healthcapita’s Teleconsultation Benefits for our Members

Select Specialist Doctor

Members can search for a medical specialist based specialization, proximity, doctor rating, etc.

In Clinic Visit

Schedule appointment for in-clinic visit based on doctor availability

Doctor Consultation

Can be done via audio or video conferencing for real-time consultation


Alert & reminders help to keep track of appointments

Secure chats

1-to-1 messenger is a great communication channel between a doctor and our members

Personal Medical Records

Digitally store and manage medical records. Upload & view images & documents (lab results, X-rays, etc.)

Healthcapita’s Teleconsultation Benefits for Doctors

Doctor profile

Accurate information about Doctors' specialization, experience and education

Scheduling and calendar

Set availability, Receive consultation requests, and manage appointment calendar


Patient-doctor interaction through Voice, Video, Chat

Review Digital Medical Records

Doctor's can request to share their meidcal records digitally

Digital prescription

Gain new Clients by having edge over competitors

Engages Members in the health and well-being management eco-system

Through our personalised well-being solutions

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Achieve meaningful outcome with our well-being program