Our Company Culture

healthcapita is built on values of integrity, transparency, ethics and commitment


To mitigate chronic health risks through lifestyle modification & Behavior change with our experience and technology.


Reduce burden of non communicable Diseases through prevention


Respect confidentiality of our customers
Commitment to integrity and ethics
Transparency in our dealings with all stakeholders

To reach the highest attainable standards of health and productivity, in order to achieve wellbeing, social and economic development and quality of life.

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healthcapita Journey

Our journey began with simple steps that can make a small contribution, and pave the way for more empirical research.

Through our research we rapidly came to the understand that Non-Communicable Disease/ Chronic Diseases/Lifestyle-related Diseases diseases are the world’s biggest killers.

Noncommunicable diseases cut lives short, often claiming people at their most productive age.

They can drive individuals into poverty due to lack of their productivity and the need to pay for medications and drugs for prolonged periods of time.

Today we are tackling specific conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity and others with specific targeted life-style changes.

To transition this to real life we formed this company, Healthcapita.

Evidence-based Preventive Well-being Programs

  • For early detection & identification of chronic conditions
  • Reduce current and future medical expenses.
  • Periodic assessments
  • Monitor and Track your risk factors
  • Mitigate identified Health Risks
  • Positive health outcomes

Shift focus from ‘Cure to Prevention’

  • We are committed to change Healthcare & insurance ecosystem

Cloud-based Integrated Health-Tech Platform

  • Highest data security certifications (SSL & Green Labeling)

Our Clients

Achieve meaningful outcome with our well-being program

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