Detect early warning signs of diseases and prevent it before it is too late

Our Confidential HRA considers your Lifestyle Habits and Medical History

To determine your current health status and analyzes potential risk for chronic diseases

How to complete Health Risk Assessment?

Complete your HRA


Registered Members can Login to


Click on 'Start' in Health Risk Assessment Section


Complete the HRA tool by answering series of questions


After filling in all details, member will be requested to click on ‘Finish’


Once submitted, the details cannot be changed / modified

Your Health Report

  • This HRA report can be can be viewed or downloaded by selecting the ‘View Report’ tab.
  • HRA Report is a key indicator of current health status and if you are at risk for certain diseases, such as Type-2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, the metabolic syndrome or cancer.
  • Additionally, you’ll benefit from our lifestyle management programs
  • Our programs provide personalized guidance on how to eat more healthfully, manage your weight, reduce your stress levels and much more.
  • If your HRA report shows modifiable risk factors or certain health conditions, then accordingly you’ll learn about steps to reduce your risks by making lifestyle changes & about the importance of following any treatment plan that may currently apply to you.

Health Risk Assessment Entails

Vital Information

Age, Gender, Height, Weight, BMI, SPO2, SPIRO

Health Vitals

Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Cholesterol etc.


Food Habits, Smoking, Alcohol intakes, Exercise, & Diet

Personal & Family Medical History

Check prevalence of Diabetes, Cardio-vascular Diseases, Obesity & Other Health Risks

Our HRA focuses on self +family medical history,current health status, medications and lifestyle habits

There are no
right or wrong answers,
so being completely truthful is helpful

Of course,
all information is
confidential and completely secure

Health Risk Assessment Features

Identify current health status

Monitor health risks over a period of time

Evidence-based approach for lifestyle modifications

MItigate identified health risks

Provides doctors prescription based on current health risk report

Engages Members in the health and well-being management eco-system

Health Risk Assessment Benefits

Evaluates & predicts probability of health risk based on hereditary & current lifestyle

Monitor current health status of individual

Provides members with their complete detailed information which in turn helps them to prepare for their lifestyle change if required

User engagement with health coaching

Provides detailed information which can help us build productive health promotion programs

Members can make changes in behavior and risk involved in health overtime

Easy to underwrite a Corporate based on evident data

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