Digital Health Repository that helps Doctors to diagnose the members more accurately

Digital Health Repository is for member to store the medical history and reports on healthcapita APP

  • PHR is an innovative cloud-based digital feature to store, securely gather, manage and share your health information electronically anywhere at any time.
  • Medical records are at your fingertips to – Monitor, Upload and Manage medical reports at any time.
  • Easy to access irrespective of where you go on healthcapita APP
  • This stored information saves the time and cost involved in repeated routine Medical Tests
  • This is especially useful during an emergency when one cannot provide one’s Medical History
  • PHR is an essential digital feature to make healthcare decision during an emergency when you cannot give your medical history
  • PHR is accessible only by the registered members.

PHR Stores Member’s

Personal Information

Age, Gender, Height, Weight, BMI, SPO2, SPIRO

Allergies, including drug allergies

Food Habits, Smoking, Alcohol intakes, Exercise, & Diet

Lifestyle Information

Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Cholesterol etc.

Medical Insurance details

Check prevalence of Diabetes, Cardio-vascular diseases, obesity health risks

Vaccination & Immunization records

Age, Gender, Height, Weight, BMI, SPO2, SPIRO

Progress Notes

For notes made by the doctors, specialists & medical experts caring while treatment and their observations and plans towards the continued treatment.

Detailed medical and surgical history

Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Cholesterol etc.

Upload Medical Reports/ Lab Reports

Members can upload test reports for Cholesterol level, Complete blood count, urine analysis etc.


Doctors can refer to Personal Health Record for Expert opinion/Second Opinion to deliver accurate diagnosis

PHR Features

24 x 7 Access to Medical Records on healthcapita APP
Helps provides member’s medical records to Medical Professionals on a Digital integrated Platform that helps in making swift clinical decisions
Easy to Upload
Medical Reports
Instant access to vital information parameters concerning the patient such as blood group and allergies and important contact information in case of emergency
Provides information of Patient and emergency contact details in case of Medical Emergencies
Members can track their health information
over time to be engaged in preventive well-being
Briges the gap between Healthcare Providers and Healthcare Seekers
Enables the upload of member’s Health Status through online Health Records
PHR is Accurate, reliable and sustainable

PHR Benefits

Access medical history & records on the go anywhere, anytime

Digital access to health-related data

Access medical history & records on the go anywhere, anytime on healthcapita APP

Your medical record moves with you rather you move with the records

Records and tracks your progress towards achieving healthy goal such as lowering your blood pressure, cholesterol etc.

Immensely vital incase of medical emergencies

Improves Member Engagement towards preventive well-being

Health records accessible to Registered Members and family physicians

Members can add, edit or upload new medical records

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