healthcapita’s School Well-being Program :
Establish Healthy Behaviors in Children & Youth

Our Comprehensive School Health Program

healthcapita’s School Health Program aims to empower every child to achieve optimum well-being with all-around physical, emotional, and intellectual growth
Our Well-Rounded School Program focuses on improving Health & Well-Being of children and youth by integrating key elements of School Health
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With our Integrated School Program

Mitigate health related barriers to achieve optimal level of well-being & maximize student’s academic perfomance.

Bring together school health program personnel, students, parents/guardians, educators, staff members, and other community resources on a single platform in an effort to encorage students reach their full potential.

Health Risks due to Chronic Conditions in Children

Risk factors for Chronic Diseases are often acquired in adolescence - Leading cause of premature adult deaths
Main Risk Factor

Unhealthy Diet

Physical Inactivity

Tobacco Use

This leads to an increased risk of




  • Ultimately leading to a Higher Risks of Chronic Conditions across Life Course
    (Source: World Health Organization)

Early Detection among Children

Prevent a range of health conditions by early detection
  • Several health conditions among children can be better managed or prevented if detected early
  • Significant efforts are required to change unhealthy behaviors already established in adult populations
  • Evidence shows that promoting and establishing healthy behaviors for younger people are more effective in future life course
  • Engaging in healthy behaviors have been linked to prevention of chronic diseases

Prevalent Health Risks Among Students

School environment provides an opportunity for timely interventions across a range of health conditions

Anxiety and Depression

Behavioral Disorders




Under Nutrition

Skin Disorders

  • Preventative interventions introduced from early childhood onwards can be highly effective in reducing the onset of NCDs in later childhood, adolescence and adulthood

Objectives of our School Health Program

Growth period from 5–19 years is critical for the development of skills and behaviors that enable children and adolescents to navigate their environment effectively, relate well with others, perform well and achieve their goals
Prevent Future Risks

Identify future health risks which may interfere with the child’s academic performance

Early Identification

Early detection of signs of illness, injury or deviation from normal behavior, that may need immediate intervention

Build Healthy Habits

Inculcate healthy habits at early age to prevent future health Risks

Prevent Chronic Diseases

Prevention of Chronic Diseases that can lead to premature adult deaths in the future

Vaccination Reminders

Reminders for Parents to update immunization & vaccination records

Well-being Support

Focus on factors that support child and adolescent positive health and well-being

Positive Approach

Positive development approach to support healthy transitions, growth and behaviors

Academic Performance

Good health & well-being among students is linked to greater educational performance and productivity

Mental Health in Adolescents

  • Younger & older adolescents suffer the burden of mental health problems.
  • Self-harm is a leading cause of death for older adolescents worldwide
  • Risk factors for Chronic Diseases are often acquired in adolescence – Leading cause of premature adult deaths


of children & adolescents experience mental disorders globally


of all mental disorders begin by the age of 14

Source – World Health Organization

Investing in School Health Programs makes Good Sense

  • Children are Future citizens of a Nation
  • Healthy body + Healthy Mind = Healthy Future Citizens
  • Healthy Citizens leads to Healthy nation that boosts Healthy Economy
  • Health and well-being of a nation’s young people is not a matter of luck, by chance or random event. It must be a planned outcome.
  • Healthcapita’s Comprehensive School Health Program is well-designed & well-resourced to provide sustained Health & Well-being in every school

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