Vaccination Chart (Immunization Records) provides a history of all the vaccines your child received.

Our Vaccination Chart

  • This record may be required for certain jobs, traveling abroad, or school registration.
  • We have developed this feature for our members, easily accessible on mobile APP and moves with you wherever you go.
  • This Digital feature records a vaccination event – with key details including the date, product and batch number of the vaccine administered.

Saving your child’s vaccination records

Digital Documentation of Vaccination Certificates of your child's health data can be digitally documented via our Mobile APP.

Healthcapita stores vaccination records.

Keep a record of your child’s vaccination on healthcapita APP.

Good record-keeping begins with good record-taking.

  • Start tracking your child’s vaccination records as soon as your child gets his or her first shot when he or she is born.
  • If you don’t have a record of the vaccines that your child received, you may be able to retrieve an official copy.
  • healthcapita platform is designed such a way, based on the birthday of your child, it draws a vaccination chart and maps to your mail id and mobile phone for periodically reminders, where its hard to miss the timely vaccination.

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The difference

Vaccination Chart

  • Digital Vaccination Chart can be used in the same way as a paper-based vaccination record/card.
  • That is to provide information about the vaccination status of a child, providing a basis for health workers to offer a subsequent dose and/or appropriate health services as appropriate.
  • In some instances, vaccination cards are also used to facilitate international travel, for example in the case of yellow fever, where a vaccination certificate may be required by some countries as a condition of entry.
  • Historically, paper-based vaccination records have presented many challenges – such as the possibility of losing or damaging the card, or even the possibility of fraud.
  • Our Digital Vaccination Chart is designed to address these challenges.
  • It replaces the need for a paper card.

You can keep track of your child’s records by

Select Specialist Doctor

Getting a vaccination tracking card from your child’s doctor or your Public Health Department.

In Clinic Visit

Asking your doctor to enter the vaccines your child has received in your Public Health Department's immunization information system.

Doctor Consultation

Public Health immunization registry that doctors and public health clinics use to save and update vaccination records.

When you maintain a copy of your child’s vaccination record

Doctor profile

Keep the record in a safe place where you can easily locate it.

Scheduling and calendar

Bring it to each of your child’s doctor visits.


Ask the doctor or nurse to jot down the vaccine given, date, and dosage on your child’s vaccination record.

Review Digital Medical Records

Write down the name of the doctor’s office or clinic where your child got the shot so you know where to get official records when you need them.

Digital prescription

It’s important for you to save and update your child’s vaccine records, since you’ll likely be required to provide them when you register your child for school, child care, summer camp, or an athletic team.

Engages Members in the health and well-being management eco-system

You may also need up-to-date records when your child travels internationally.

Finding official vaccination records

If you don’t have a copy of your child’s vaccine records or can’t find them, you may be able to retrieve an official copy by contacting your
Child’s doctor or clinic

Doctors and public health clinics usually track any shots they give to your child.

If your child has had more than one doctor or clinic give him or her shots, call or visit each one to get the records.

Keep in mind doctors and clinics may only save vaccination records for a few years

Public Health Department’s immunization registry

Your Public Health Department’s immunization registry may have most, if not all, of your child’s records.

Contact your Public Health Department’s registry to request an official copy.

Please be aware that the process for requesting records can vary greatly across states and can take some time to complete.

Additionally, if your state doesn’t automatically opt in its residents or you requested to opt out your child from the registry, then the vaccination records won’t be available.

Child’s school

Most K-12 schools, colleges, and universities keep on file the vaccination records of its students.

Take into account that schools generally keep these records for only a year or two after the student graduates, transfers to another school, or leaves the school system.

If you need records from a college or university, contact the corresponding medical services or student health department.

No Shortcuts

Vaccination Chart

Today we move, travel, and change health care providers more than we before.

Finding old immunization information can be difficult and time-consuming.

Therefore, it is critical that you keep an accurate and up-to-date record of the vaccinations you have received.

Keeping an immunization record and storing it with other important documents (or in a safe place) will save you time and unnecessary hassle.

Ask your doctor, pharmacist or other vaccine provider for an immunization record to update on the healthcapita, which store your record on web and moves whenever you go.

That way, you can be sure that the immunization information is current and correct.

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