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  • Doctor consultation offers the expert care services where we provide you with quality, professional answers from our panel doctors.
  • This service provides the online consultation for your health related query and allows the member to make conversation with a licensed medical professional who have experience in your field of concern.
  • Our APP gives you the opportunity to receive an online diagnosis for your medical concerns at an affordable rate without spending precious time waiting in long queues.
  • This service aims to keep visits to the doctor at minimum by setting up virtual visits via phone and the Internet, allowing doctors to not only choose when they’re available for patient consultations, but to do so at a minute’s notice.
  • A member can simply post a health related query in the system and this query will be studied and addressed within 2-24 hours. The doctor answers this query to the best of his capabilities (No medications will be prescribed)
  • The answer to the query is then sent to the member by mail (Email id provided by the member)

Features of Doctor Consultation

Incase you have a health problem, you can access Expert Opinion

Online tool for health advice from panel doctors

The entire operation of putting a query and answering it will take place through our APP

Contactless Digital service to avail medical advice

Convenient for member's health concerns

  • Giving our Members access to an independent review through Expert Medical Opinion from USA, India, Malaysia & GCC is the right thing to do and a critical first step
  • And since time is of the essence, Expert Opinions are typically provided within ten business days

Benefits of ASK A DOCTOR

Expert advice at your comfort

Specialist Doctors for exclusive Online consultations

Saves your time and money

Appointment scheduler for in-clinic consultation

Query can be answered from anywhere

Listed Dcctors with valid medical certifications license

Secure & Confidential

24/7 Access to your medical records in Personal Health Records

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  • Our medical experts review your Health queries and Medical Test Reports diligently
  • At every step of the way, with your consent, our medical expert ensures that the Diagnosis is correct and that the Treatment plan is right for you
  • We thus confirm your Diagnosis and Treatment options

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