'Evidence-based approach - To modify lifestyle, achieve behavioral change & improve health & well-being'

Tackle Chronic Health Risks

  • Projected global economic burden for chronic conditions is expected to reach over $47 trillion (Source : World Economic Forum)
  • Chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and heart disease account for the biggest portion of health care costs.
  • Chronic conditions can reduce member productivity by causing absences from work and from performing at their best.
  • At healthcapita, we excel at providing cost-effective, quality-focused well-being solution for chronic conditions management.
  • Comprehensive care with evidence-based Chronic Conditions management has always been built into the way we deliver our well-being programs.

Our Comprehensive Digital Health Services

Your health at your fingertips, you can access Digital Health Services to

Customized Programs for each member’s individual needs

Screen members for chronic condition risk factors

Offer preventive services to members at all levels of health

Provide proactive, targeted interventions

Provide health information technology support (electronic medical records, clinical decision support, online member health services)

Empower members with Health Awareness

Track member progress in managing chronic conditions

Measure defined outcomes to ensure program value

  • We believe preventive care and a healthy lifestyle can make a big difference in everyone’s life!
  • That’s why it’s an essential component of our well-being programs for those with chronic conditions.
  • Members get quality support for their total health & well-being at every stage of life.
  • It’s what makes our comprehensive approach unique — and what makes it work so well.

Our Services

Our Services are specifically designed to deliver higher levels of well-being associated with:

Decreased risk of Chronic diseases and injury

Better immune functioning

Increased longevity

Secure & Confidential

  • Individuals with high levels of well-being are more productive at work and are more likely to contribute to their communities.

We have condition-specific management programs for various chronic conditions including

Our Digital Health Services enables new methods and modalities to improve health care, enable lifestyle change, and create efficiencies to achieve meaningful outcomes



Coronary Artery Disease



Heart Failure

Choose your Digital Health Service

Quick Access to care

Members can search for a medical specialist based specialization, proximity, doctor rating, etc.

Choose how you get care

Schedule appointment for in-clinic visit based on doctor availability

Consult our doctors —through video visits, phone consultations, or by email

Can be done via audio or video conferencing for real-time consultation

Schedule an appointment on our APP — anytime, anywhere

Alert & reminders help to keep track of appointments

Call your network provider to schedule appointments directly

1-to-1 messenger is a great communication channel between a doctor and our members

Personal Medical Records

Digitally store and manage medical records. Upload & view images & documents (lab results, X-rays, etc.)

Digital Health : What Really Makes a Difference?

  • Our specialists work together provide best-in class services, all under one roof.
  • When you register on healthcapita.com, you can view your past visit summaries and most lab test results online, whenever you want.
  • You’re at the center of our Well-being program.
  • We empower members for self-management.
  • When members understand their conditions and are engaged in self-management, their health outcomes usually improve.

Achieve meaningful outcome with our well-being program