Scan COVID-19 symptoms before coming in to work

Our Fit to Work

  • Our Fit to Work Feature provides an online COVID-19 Risk assessment along with precautionary health and work advice to employees and employers to help determine – stay in or return to work.
  • Employees can take this Online Self Assessment to to scan COVID-19 symptoms before coming in to work
  • A tool to help employees make informed decision on further requirement to seek testing and medical care
  • This helps keep everyone safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Precautionary Advice

Regardless, it's advised to take below precautions, before coming to work:

Staying home when you are sick

Physical distancing

Continued hand hygiene

Continuous masking

  • Following this assessment, employees will receive recommendations to help them to return to work more quickly and information on how to access appropriate interventions.

Benefits of Fit Work

Fit to Work online assessment for early detection & prevention of COVID-19

Helps in early detection

Prevents the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace

Ensures safety of the employees

Easy to use

  • Fit for Work is accessible and available to all members.
  • Straightforward method for employers to refer employees for an assessment
  • Online Assessment available 24/7 – making it easy to access information

COVID-19 Risk Calculator

Our COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool can be used to scan COVID-19 symptoms.
This tool helps to determine if COVID-19 test is further required and provides instructions on precaution.
This information is based on CDC Guidelines

Take your COVID-19 Self Test Here

COVID-19 Resources

Our medical experts have compiled the most helpful COVID-19 resources for you!
If you are seeking for COVID-19 related advice and have additional questions, we encourage you to review our resources.

View below links to access the latest COVID-19 information:

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